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Writer. Dreamer. Doer. Not always in that order.

While covering "reel" life for nearly a decade, it is also time to focus on the "real" one. Welcome to my eclectic life! It is not always glamorous but it is mine. Fun fact: I love my dog Chewy, traveling, adventure, TV, movies, and a good mystery.
Britt and Chewy

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Britt Lawrence

Another day, another website -- or blog -- as some might say. It feels as though I have created many in the past few months, although the total is only at two. Towards the end of last year, I began setting the foundation for Eclectic Pup -- the pup-centric spinoff of Eclectic Pop. For years, I have poured every ounce of energy into Eclectic Pop, the seminal site that began my journey into the writing world. It has been at the epicenter of that journey for nearly a decade, while I also began a career in freelance writing.

Cut to 2021, and I am back at the beginning, sort of. I have ceased all freelance work to focus on Eclectic Pop and its continued growth while also launching Eclectic Pup at the beginning of the year. The latter site has been inspired by the life and times of Chewy, my adorable Pomeranian, with ample personality to spare. He has been a blessing that I hope the power of the internet can help other people be blessed by too.

So, why do I need this blog? This is a space where I hope to share more personal updates, along with those regarding my upcoming projects, both blog/website-related and perhaps even fiction. This also feels like the right space to talk about writing. In the past eight years, I have learned and gained insight into the specialty of entertainment writing.

There should not be anything earth-shattering, but I hope to provide some treasure to those seeking it. When I started this journey, nothing was available to help guide writers in the entertainment writing field. Even now, you have to learn by the example of accomplished pros. Tutorials online mainly focus on writing fiction, which is helpful but non-specific to entertainment writing.

Writing about entertainment is a totally different animal than writing fiction. It deals in deadlines, personal politics, handling talent, coordinating interviews et cetera. There is a lot to juggle, and the learning curve can feel steep. If you hope to jump aboard the wild and rewarding train, feel free to leave a comment sharing your struggles. I am hoping to help.

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