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While covering "reel" life for nearly a decade, it is also time to focus on the "real" one. Welcome to my eclectic life! It is not always glamorous but it is mine. Fun fact: I love my dog Chewy, traveling, adventure, TV, movies, and a good mystery.
Britt and Chewy

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I Have A Bad Case Of Wanderlust And It Is Crushing Me

New York City Hotel View From Marriott Marquis
Britt Lawrence

Wanderlust. I have it, and it is not going away any time soon. For me, the feeling manifests, and like an intense itch, it does not fade without a good scratch. Wanderlust hits like a fever, a desperate desire to be somewhere else for a while. Is that so wrong?

It can be disruptive. As a Sagittarius, I accept it as part of my wild nature. The desire for adventure and spontaneity that travel provides. You have an X factor when you are in alternative surroundings, and I thrive on that dynamic. Going to New York City (pictured above) and Canada made me want to live out of suitcase for a long time.

If my life were different and the world as we knew it three years ago were not over, I would probably be traveling around the world. My goal would be to blog and/or vlog about it (for YouTube). It would marry two of my most significant interests. 

Entertainment (movies and TV) has always been my great love, my muse. 

It has also been the harbinger for how I have traveled the world while being too infirmed to actually move about it. But, thanks to movies and TV, I have gotten to travel to foreign lands, watch their stories as told by their actors, and hear them speak in their native language. That is an unprecedented gift that streamers have provided to the world.

I am grateful. Still, there is nothing like actually being somewhere else. The feeling of a strange wind blowing through your hair, and the vision of the sun setting in a different vista is unparalleled to behold. There is nothing else like it, and I want to experience that with Chewy. Last year, we went to the beach, and it was magnificent (and hot). I am ready to go for it again.

Chewy is also a Sagittarius, and he seems to enjoy traveling. He has been through quite a few states already. There is nothing Chewy likes more than getting to run around a hotel bed. His little ears perk right up, and it is something that we share in common. I love the smell of hotels! There is nothing else like how the aroma immediately puts me at ease.

Do you experience “wanderlust” -- the desire to travel? If you could go anywhere, where would that be? Is Paris as popular of a dream destination as movies and TV would make you believe? Let your comments answer below.


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