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While covering "reel" life for nearly a decade, it is also time to focus on the "real" one. Welcome to my eclectic life! It is not always glamorous but it is mine. Fun fact: I love my dog Chewy, traveling, adventure, TV, movies, and a good mystery.
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Attempted Poetry: 'The Stranger' (A Tale Of Estrangement)

The Stranger Pink Clouds Sunset Dreamy
Background: GulArt via Canva

I am not a poet, and I know it. This weird (artistic?) detour has been a freeing way of expressing things not as easily shared in a straightforward manner. Cut to “The Stranger.” It is an attempt at aligning personal thoughts in a somewhat poetic form. I went back and forth about doing an introduction. Sometimes it is better to some things unsaid, though. πŸ‘€ So, without further ado, here is “The Stranger.”

Never thought there would be day

When we were strangers

When all your stories were about

Someone I’ve never met

Never thought you would be making new memories

And none of them would include me

Our inside jokes are dead and buried

In fact, it seems you barely know me

Yes, it stings

There are so many things

But you never ask about them

It’s no secret or mystery

All you would have had to do is ask

You never do

You’re a perfect stranger

But you were once my closest friend

Were were confidants, the keeper of secrets

There were few things we held back

Now that’s someone else’s privilege

And there’s no getting mine back

You’re a perfect stranger

There’s no danger in my admitting

I have no regrets

I earned this spot by

Trying to protect you

Maybe someday you’ll understand

I doubt it

Everything in your life has changed

I don’t leave the house

Or have any friends

The people I grew up with

Left a brick wall of desertion

It was initially hard to see

From the distance you

Announced leaving me

You’re a perfect stranger

It’s hard to remember

This is not how things used to be

(Were supposed to be)

It’s a distant memory for everyone except me

I remember laughs and inside jokes

Bonding over being broke

There’s none of that now

Maybe you’re not the stranger

Maybe that’s me

Do you ever feel as empty

As you’ve made me?

It’s hollow and I try not to wallow

But it’s hard

There’s a difference

Between alone and lonely

At least, I know I’ve tried

He always wants to be my side

But he’s not a stranger

He comforts without question

And follows up non-stop

He’s no stranger

This is a first, although it may just as easily be the last or a continuing creative outlet. For some reason, writing about experiences in this vein is easier than in a more traditional fashion. Please let me know your thoughts (good or bad) below.


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